114 Banana Studios

Senior Distinction Research

Fall 2021 - Spring 2022 // IM496 & IM497

My name is Rohan Bandekar and I am a senior studying Multimedia Production and Business. Film is a medium of storytelling that uses multiple techniques and rhetorics to tell a story. Everything from the colors, lighting, camera angles, movements, shot types and sizes, to the score, sound effects, acoustic atmosphere, and soundtracks are tools available to filmmakers to elevate a story, convey a message, and move the audience.

My research in this project encompasses the role of a director and a cinematographer. I am a visual artist at heart and the visual element is an essential ingredient to what makes a movie work. As a cinematographer, I will explore colors, angles, and shots, to best convey the essential action of scenes.

As a director, my role transitions from a detail-oriented composer to a big-picture storyteller. I believe stories are powerful when told effectively. I will work with a team of various artists on assembling the pieces of the film into a complete work of art.

My name is Daniel Muleady and I am a senior studying Multimedia Production with secondary emphases in Communication and English. My research will be displayed in a practically applied thesis. Looking at the responsibilities that a “Director of Sound” carries with them when working on a film, I will be managing the foley work and the accompanying compositions for a joint student film directed by Rohan Bandekar. During this process, I will have to be thinking about recording setups, scheduling with and managing a team, and collaborating with musical artists in order to produce appropriate tracks that enhance the film.

On earlier projects, I have opted to work only with digitally produced music because the scope has been more manageable. Working with analog sound means working with microphone pickup patterns, room tones, location scouting, and audio recording preparations. In addition to these practical skills, I will also be looking to properly “release” an album of the soundtrack to the film and potentially license a song to cover. Navigating the business end of the music industry is a crucial tool for any aspiring musician and I believe that it is the difference between audio being a hobby versus a career.


Together Rohan and Daniel produced “Storytime”, a short narrative film that explores genres and respective storytelling techniques in film and employs cinematography and music to elevate the story. The film will be released on May 4, 2022 at the Clifton.

Faculty Sponsors

Ryan Gibboney, Donna Weimer, and Jared LaGroue