College Challenges Podcast

College Challenges


Katie Mace ’23 is an Integrated Media Arts student. Katie entered college as an exploratory student, and after taking a wide variety of courses she found the IMA program. Katie is also a member of the softball team here at Juniata.

The Podcast

College Challenges is a podcast focused on telling the stories of college athletes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Katie and her closest friends and teammates share the struggles of being sent home mid-softball season.
The first episode focuses on Spring Break 2020, when the entire world changed during the course of a week. The softball team was in Florida playing their first games of the season in the warm weather. As the week progressed, concerns about COVID increased and Juniata announced that Spring Break was going to be extended by two weeks. Little did they know that they would not return to campus for the rest of the semester, and their softball season would be cancelled.
In the second episode, Katie and her friends share their unique experiences after being sent home for the rest of the semester. They share their feelings of devastation and isolation being at home away from their team as they adapted to online learning.
The third episode of College Challenges focuses on the return to campus in the Fall 2020 semester. Life on campus changed significantly with the new COVID protocols. Softball practices looked very differently with masks, socially distanced groups, and equipment cleanings. Katie and her friends share how they adapted to the “new normal”.