Color Me In

Connect with your true colors.

Photo taken by: Ashley Purvis '21

Meet Tatum Poirier

Tatum first came to college as an Environmental Science major. She flunked out of her freshman year Biology course, so she figured it was time to find a different path for her career. After testing out multiple majors, she discovered Integrated Media Arts. Tatum instantly fell in love with filming and producing different forms of media. She hasn’t looked back since.
Another aspect of life that Tatum has fallen in love with is color. She has always had a hard time choosing which color best describes her, so she usually just picks the rainbow. Tatum has struggled her whole life expressing her identity. Therefore, for her senior year, she decided to step way out of her comfort zone. For her senior thesis, Tatum decided to research how color theory plays an important role in visual storytelling. Her final product will consist of a grouping of 8 short films that highlight specific moments in her coming out story that have shaped her identity. To kick it all off, she wants to sell t-shirts to help her peers understand the important role color plays in our lives.

What is Color Me In?

When Tatum first understood that she was a part of the LGBTQ+ community, she would wear a small rainbow bracelet to try to get someone to notice her. Wearing her bracelet was the most comfortable way she could have her identity be a part of her, even though it was subtle. For years, no one ever noticed her bracelet. Although she grew frustrated, she prevailed. One day, many years later, Tatum met a guy with the exact same bracelet as her. He saw her look down at his wrist and he saw her bracelet as well. Both of them instantly became more comfortable around one another. He ended up being a huge part of her support system. Where is her bracelet, you ask? Well, it’s broken. Therefore, she wanted something new to help her feel connected to her identity.
The goal for Color Me In is to allow people to wear the colors that best represent who they are or an important part of their identity. The colors you choose can tell whatever story you wish to tell. The cool thing about it? No one knows what your personal colors mean until you tell them. With that being said, if you aren’t comfortable with telling anyone the story behind your shirt, there’s no rush to share.

What's included in my purchase?

Depending on your purchase, you will either receive a black or white t-shirt. If you purchase a black shirt, I will bleach-dye your shirt for you. If you purchase a white shirt, you will receive a blank white shirt to tie-dye on your own time. 
All shirts will have a shipping fee of $8.45. Shirts will not be out for shipping until May 25th! For any further questions, please email Tatum at

Product options:

If you want to buy a blank white/black shirt to dye on your own time they are $10 a piece!

*Please keep in mind that these are mock-ups of final products. If you order a white shirt you will receive it without color.*