Changing My Life

A YouTube Series

Anna Sule ’22 is an Integrated Media Arts student with a POE titled Digital Media Production. Anna originally found her love for video when she created her YouTube channel in middle school. Her love for creating videos grew hand-in-hand for her love for the YouTube platform, as she grew up watching her favorite YouTubers live out their creative dreams. 
For Changing My Life: A YouTube Series, set to be completed by the end of the Spring 2021 semester, Anna created a series of 4 videos exploring self-care and healthy lifestyle habits for a happier life. Along with this, she created the branding of her YouTube channel, including intro and outro bumpers, banners, colors, and fonts.  

The Series

This project, titled “Changing My Life: a YouTube Series” is a YouTube series on Anna Sule’s personal channel where she goes on a journey of changing her lifestyle through a series of videos where she learns and implements healthy habits. This project is important to her career in video production because it gives her the space to build her video portfolio and web presence on YouTube. 
Her first video linked below, focused on practicing minimalism and decluttering her space. Her second video, also linked below, focused on creating a routine. Her third video, also linked below, focused on practicing gratitude. Her fourth video, which is also linked below, focused on exploring the hit social media trend titled “Hot Girl Walks” which is a daily walk that focuses on confidence and mindfulness. Each video in this series is around 5-7 minutes in length. This series is paired with new channel branding, including an intro and an outro, a font and color scheme, a profile photo, and thumbnails, which Anna designed. 
Anna details that this project has not only given her the room to focus on something she is passionate about, but has affected her wellbeing in many positive ways. As the goals for this project was to explore different ways to improve her lifestyle through a series of youtube videos, she had the chance to build and improve her video and web presence while also focusing on her health and happiness.
In her first video of the series titled “Decluttering and Learning about Minimalism,” Anna explains the purpose and calling behind the idea of changing her life. She goes on to research the minimalist lifestyle, and start to rid herself of the extra clutter in her life.
In her second video of the series titled “Setting a Routine” Anna gives an update on the results of her first video. She goes on to set a morning routine, for the purpose of fostering positivity and productivity for the day of classes. 
In her third video of the series titled “Starting a Gratitude Journal” Anna gives a heart-felt update on the series. Later in the video, Anna tries to add Gratitude Journaling to her daily routine. In the end of the video, she details how it has helped her mindset. 
In her final video of the series, Anna explores the “Hot Girl Walk” which is a Tik Tok trend created by Mia (@exactlylikeothergirls). Mia pushes her followers to start doing daily walks with results of boosting confidence, gratitude, and mindfulness. She details her experience trying this trend and how walking has affected her daily life.