Deep Dive

Passion Project

Spring 2022 // Business of Design

My name is Shameea Butler-Bonner and I’m a current senior studying Multimedia Production and Design. I got into video production during high school and later figured out that I wanted a career in this field. I love watching movies and analyzing them to find deeper meaning. My favorite director of all time is Steven Spielberg. He worked on so many movies that I still love today. My ultimate dream is to work with him on a movie.

Deep Dive

I decided to do a video for my passion project. The video features me, and I talk about my hobbies and struggles. I focused on me for the project because all of my previous video production projects focused on other people and other stories.

Talking about myself is not an easy task to do, and I need to be able to do that without fear or hesitation in the field I’m studying. I wanted my video to be raw and show people that it’s okay to be vulnerable and that vulnerability makes you courageous.