Photographic Scavenger Hunt

Zoey Hong '21
Digital Media Design Marketing

I’m a senior in ¬†Juniata college. I really like the passion project because it gives me time to do what I like. I like to take pictures and make videos. I hope to record the interesting and meaningful moments in my life. Seeing and exploring the real world through my own way.


The project is mainly to photograph the city where I live. Sometimes, we will miss many wonderful and interesting moments in life. I hope that through this project, I can learn more about the city I live in, as well as the people and scenery in the city, and I made a photo book to display all of my photos.

Working Process

In the very beginning, I went every weekend to take pictures. I always wandered the streets with no destination. I would look for interesting people on the street, or scenery in different seasons. I saw people running around for a living. Kids, teenagers, adults or old people. They are all living their lives in different ways. Then I took pictures and photoshop them.

Working in Lightroom

Photo Book Mock-up

 Blurb Books

To review the whole photo book, click the link.

Blurb Book link