Pieces of Nepal

The “Pieces of Nepal” project consist of Nepal-based illustrations for a calendar.

Meet Unika Dhakhwa

Hello! I am Unika Dhakhwa from Nepal, and I am a senior studying Multimedia Communication Design. After coming to study thousands of miles away in the United States of America, I realized that my culture and traditions are what defines me the best. Therefore, I participated in as many events as possible to promote my culture in the USA. A few examples are hosting cultural dinners, cultural events, participating in cultural dance events, and directing the annual Multicultural Storyfest.

The Pieces of Nepal project is a cultural passion project consisting of illustrations that show a vision of Nepal through small glimpses.

Flag of Nepal

“Chandra & Surya” which translates to “Moon & Sun” is the cover page for the “Pieces of Nepal” calendar project.

This illustration is inspired by the flag of Nepal where the colours and symbols all have meaning. The color red represents victory and passion and the blue stands for peace. Likewise, the Moon symbolizes calmness, and the Sun symbolizes a fierce resolve.

The harmonization of these components in the flag represents the balance between the good and bad in this world.

The Fewa Lake

Pokhara, a city in Nepal, consists of wonderful natural beauties, and the Fewa Lake (Fewa Taal) is one of them.


The Swayambhunath Stupa, also known as the “Monkey Temple”, is one of the most ancient and the holiest shrines of Nepal. The word “Swayambhu” means self-created.

Prayer Flags

Tibetan prayer flags are widely used in Nepal to promote peace, strength, compassion, and wisdom. The colors used in these prayer flags represent elements like air (white), fire (red), water(green), wind (blue), and earth (yellow).

It is considered to be a good omen to receive prayer flags as a gift from someone than to acquire a prayer flag by buying it.