Community Design Lab

Huntingdon Dance Academy

Fall 2021
Additional details coming soon

Cookies for Caregivers

Spring 2021

Huntingdon County Humane Society

Fall 2019

Huntingdon House

Fall 2018

Huntingdon Community Center

Fall 2017

IMA Practicum

East Broad Top Railroad
Northern Map Turtles
All In Democracy Challenge
Light of Light Yoga

Health and Wellness
Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges
Fort Shirley Heritage Assoc.
Campus Store
Science in Motion
Junior Science
Juniata Essentials
Liberal Arts Symposium
Sparks Farm
IM490 & IM495

IMA Internships

Huntingdon Health & Wellness

Student: Jackie Eberle
Term: Spring 2020

Juniata College Esports

Student: Max Prosser
Term: Spring 2020

ReInvision Huntingdon

Student: Jenna Miller
Term: Fall 2019

Headwaters Campus Store
at Juniata College

Student: Tatum Poirier
Term: Fall 2019

Center for International Education
at Juniata College

Student: Dejia Danhi
Term: Fall 2019