The Culture Clash Club

The Culture Clash Club:
A New Podcast by Minorities, for Minorities

Rakshan Sadasivuni ’22 is an Integrated Media Marketing student from Juniata College who is motivated by his values of cultural exploration and social justice.
Outside of Juniata, Rakshan is also a well-known South Asian-American content creator on various social media platforms Through his platform, Rakshan has worked hard to break down the stigmas that surround gender roles and judgement within the South Asian community. Known for being “unapologetically himself,” a message he lives his daily life by, Rakshan has given several interviews for South Asian publications and podcasts, and has been recognized by South Asian celebrities for his work in news outlets such as the Huffington Post. The Culture Clash Club is his newest endeavor.

What is The Culture Clash Club?

The Culture Clash Club is a new podcast based off of individuals’ experiences with life in The Culture Clash – a phrase lovingly coined by many to describe the constant battles faced when growing up in a number of different upbringings. Join host, Rakshan, and a varying list of guest speakers as we break down barriers and stigmas revolving around issues in the Asian diaspora, along with intersectionality between various minority community.
Rakshan started The Culture Clash Club as a passion project, after almost a year of planning and working through logistics. After being in a niche content creation space for just a few months, Rakshan noticed that there were many issues within the South Asian community and Asian community as a whole. Instead of just bringing light to these issues like most current podcasts do, Rakshan decided that he wanted to create something that could serve as an “advice column” for those facing similar issues.

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