Through the Integrated Media Arts Studio at Juniata College, we hone important skills for successful community-engaged learning and partnership. By understanding how community collaboration matters from a design standpoint, we recognize the needs of our community members. We strive to encourage community growth through creativity.

As creatives we establish media by utilizing the Integrated Media Arts Studio to design, draft, and deliver sustainable media materials. We consistently improve our talents to not only fulfill our own creative goals, but to form mutually beneficial community relationships for overall growth and stability.

Photos taken for the IMA website for Juniata College

As designers we ask the hard questions. By regularly researching, assessing, and structuring collaborative meetings with our community partners, we share a passion for collaborative outcomes. We work with, not for, our community partners in order to achieve a common objective.  

As critical thinkers we work to efficiently and effectively reach project goals. We assess problems and find solutions without fear of getting it wrong and fixing our mistakes along the way. We determine the best approach by constantly receiving and valuing the exchange of feedback we have with our community partners.

As community members we desire connectedness. We put our energy and effort into making a difference and adding value to our community. By supporting the people and places around us, we grow personally and professionally by forming meaningful relationships.  

From working with the Huntingdon Community Center by means of rebranding and understanding their ambitious vision, to uplifting the Huntingdon House’s digital presence and community support, we are harnessing our individual interests, strengths, and talents to work together for a better community.

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