Faculty who teach courses in various departments and programs facilitate a curriculum that covers Integrated Media Arts in various fields. The faculty below are dedicated to engaging with our interdisciplinary IMA students to help them learn and grow as creative production artists in their field of interest. 

Ryan Kough

Integrated Media Arts

Jared Lagroue


Hannah Bellwoar

English & Professional Writing

Aris Holmes

Digital Art & Photography

John Wright

Computer Science

Bethany Benson

Art: Ceramics

Robert Boryk

Art: Ceramics

Jigar Patel

Information Technology

Monika Malewska

Studio Arts

Jennifer Streb

Art History

Sarah Worley


Kathryn Blake

Museum Studies, 

History of the IMA Program

The Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Media Arts first appeared in the College Catalog in the 2012-13 academic year. Over the years we have grown to offer courses in various fields of media production including departments across the college campus. In addition to being a designated POE, the IMA Courses are counted in several Juniata College programs including the Professional Writing Program of Emphasis and the Digital Humanities Certificate Program.

IMA Program Founders

Loren Rhodes

Information Technology


Donna Weimer