LAS 2020

Senior Capstone Exhibition

Fall 2019 – Spring 2020 // IM496 & IM497

This year-long research opportunity is designed to serve as a capstone course for seniors who emphasize Integrated Media Arts in their POE. Students are expected to examine design theory and research methods relevant to a topic, theme, issue, or problem that has served as an area of special interest. This course is intended to allow students to develop, compose, organize, revise, and edit their own writing. Through written assignments students will have the opportunity to produce a thesis or creative project. Students must have senior standing and have a POE in IMA (designated or individualized). Distinction may be achieved if the candidate meets the IMA Distinction requirements. 


Jenna Miller

POE: Marketing Design
Importance of Branding for Small Businesses

Vinnie Caroselli

POE: Graphic Communication
Addressing Intercultural Complexities Through Ethical Design Practices
Dejia Danhi
POE: Multimedia Design

Mental Health is RX

Cassie Dunn
POE: Digital Design

Authentic Magazine 

Paul Alicea
POE: Strategic Multimedia Design with Computer Programming

Game Sensation Design: researching what makes an interactive experience “feel good”

Fisher Stroud
POE: Multimedia Production and Analysis

“She Is” – A Short Film