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Passion Project Virtual Exhibition

Spring 2021 // IMA Labs II

IMA Lab II (course is now Business of Design)

Accessible for asynchronous viewing all day, this exhibition is a showcase of a series of creative design projects from Spring 2021 Integrated Media Arts Lab II course (now Business of Design). Students work on a series of Passion Projects that reflect the students’ own interests. Podcasts, documentary film, craftivism, YouTube Vlog series, illustration design, in addition to environmental photography and video.  
Virtual Presenters:
Unika Dhakhwa
Ziyuan Hong
Katie Mace
Alyosha Perez
Tatum Poirier
Max Prosser
Hayley Purvis
Anna Sule
Rakshan Sadasivuni
What is a Passion Project?
Students are asked to develop a self-sustainable project related to a passion they have yet to investigate. The project can not meet the needs of another class, club, or position on campus. Choosing a subject that they are passionate about, this project allows students to showcase their skills, learn a new skill, and most importantly create a top portfolio piece! With the incorporation of time tracking, deadline setting, proofing of stages, and final deliverables; students are able to learn key creative skills to prepare them to work in any creative industry. 

IMA Research

Fall 2020 - Spring 2021 // IM496 & IM497

This year-long research opportunity is designed to serve as a capstone course for seniors who emphasize Integrated Media Arts in their POE. Students are expected to examine design theory and research methods relevant to a topic, theme, issue, or problem that has served as an area of special interest. This course is intended to allow students to develop, compose, organize, revise, and edit their own writing. Through written assignments students will have the opportunity to produce a thesis or creative project. Students must have senior standing and have a POE in IMA (designated or individualized). Distinction may be achieved if the candidate meets the IMA Distinction requirements. 
K-12 Toolkit: Addressing online disparities
Bailey Kibe ’21
The COVID-19 pandemic altered the education system immensely. Disparities in the knowledge of academic platforms and applications that are required for progressing learning have emerged from local school members. This online toolkit highlights specific concerns of teachers and families based on survey responses.
Liberal Arts Symposium Slides (PDF)
Sponsored By: Ryan Gibboney
& Kathleen Jones
Studying Community Connections Between Students and College Marketing Materials
Rachel DesFosses ’21
The objective of this project is to better understand the connection between students and their perception of community on campus surrounding marketing materials. I conducted a survey asking students about their connection with the community at Juniata based on marketing materials from the Instagram page. I also interviewed students, asking questions about the marketing materials and about their experiences at Juniata. In this presentation, I highlight students’ stories in an online format to show more of the diversity of the communities at Juniata.
Liberal Arts Symposium Slides (PDF)
Sponsored By: Ryan Gibboney
& Hannah Bellwoar

Ashley Purvis '21

Little Paper Planes
Ashley Purvis presents her senior capstone project on writing and illustrating a gothic children’s book called Little Paper Planes. The main objective of this project for Ashley was to challenge herself to complete a long-form written piece while learning how to illustrate a book meant for children. She was also inspired by the scary stories she grew up reading, so she was passionate about taking the opportunity to create a scary story of her own, while delving into common gothic themes and characteristics from her research.
Learn more about the project and process on her blog here. If you’d like to purchase the book on Amazon please click here.
Liberal Arts Symposium Slides (PDF)
Sponsored By: Ryan Gibboney
& Hannah Bellwoar

Ben Norton '21

Juniata Event Scheduler UI Update
The Juniata College Event Scheduler was created nearly 15 years ago to allow students and faculty to easily reserve rooms and equipment for specific events and classes. Over the years, the application has received many additions and small changes that have made it more difficult to use the application. The rework of the Juniata Event Scheduler attempts to increase the user experience as well as adhere to the updated design principles of Juniata College.
Sponsored By: Ryan Gibboney
& Jerry Kruse

Integrated Community Partnerships Presentation

Integrated Media Arts Practicum student researchers are required to work with a local community client to design and develop practical and functional deliverables that are both user-friendly and sustainable for the business or organization. Individual student learning objectives are connected in response to the needs and requests of the community client at the start of the research project. This experiential learning opportunity offers both the student and the client the option to seek and obtain real-world knowledge and skills related to various areas of visual communication design. A series of client-based research projects from Fall 2020-21 will be presented by IMA students.
Video Links:
East Broad Top Trailer
Northern Map Turtles
Liberal Arts Symposium Slides (PDF)
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Film Premiere

Fall 2020 - Spring 2021 // IM496 & IM497

Tatum Poirier
Hayley Purvis
Alyosha Perez
Tatum Poirier ’21
Hayley Purvis ’21
Alyosha Perez ’21
Additional evening presentations highlighting video and animation work completed in IMA Research. Tatum Poirier will present a grouping of eight short films that utilize color theory to tell Tatum’s personal experiences while coming out as a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Each film was shot in a specific color of the rainbow to highlight specific emotions that have shaped her identity today. Alyosha Perez will present The Screen Between Us, a short film which explores the relationship between humans and AI. Sam, still grieving after her partner Mia’s death, is invited to reunite with a virtual copy of Mia. Sam must decide if this version of Mia is the same as the original Mia she once knew. Hayley Purvis will present an animated short film that explores the depiction of memory and nostalgia in animation and the visual elements of how subjective memory can be in this art form. The story follows siblings Kari and Powell as they are forced to move to a small town. Here, they come to terms with this change, learn to move on, and discover another world.
Links to watch:
Hayley Capstone
Tatum Capstone
Aly Capstone

Sponsored By: Ryan Gibboney

2021 Liberal Arts Symposium schedule can be found at the main website link below. Event program shown to the left designed by Unika Dhakhwa ’21 in IMA Practicum.