“Burbank House: Groundworks” Page Artist

Passion Project

Spring 2022 // Business of Design

My name is Zach Wyland and I am a current junior at Juniata studying Integrated Media Arts with a secondary in Fine Arts. I am a hyperrealism artist and media designer.

"Burbank House: Groundworks" Page Artist

I have been given the opportunity to draw for an upcoming book, titled “Burbank House :Groundworks”. In October of 2021, Tsubi Club, the artist behind the project, released a song titled “Burbank House”, along with a music video that tells a visual story. To further develop this fictional storyline he has created, he is producing this book that goes into detail about each character, the different settings of the world, the different plotlines, and more. However, the main focus of the book isn’t the material, but how it is created. To complete this book, Tsubi Club has hired 100 artists to bring their different art styles together to create a visually appealing and diversified collaboration. My role for the book, labeled as a “Page Artist”, is to fill up one spread of the book with as many drawings as I would like. Specifically, I will be contributing hyperrealism. My plan for my individual spread is to fill it up with two large drawings – size 14 inch by 20 inch. Judging by previous drawings, I expect these to take roughly 200 hours or more. All artwork for the book is due by the end of February/beginning of March.

This passion project will follow not only my finalized artwork for the book, but also the process and work that goes in before the actual drawing begins and all of the behind-the-scenes work. I am passionate about growing my social media pages, so I plan on keeping those active throughout the creative process. I will be updating Instagram along the way to share my process and hopefully gain more traction online. Check out my Instagram – @zacharywyland – to see the full content of my passion project!