Universal Accessibility Electoral Design

Senior Distinction Research

Fall 2021 - Spring 2022 // IM496 & IM497

Jackie Eberle is a multimedia designer and studio artist who works primarily on creative digital design projects and often incorporates fine art skills. Jackie has experience working as a lead designer on multiple design projects, ranging from team-driven community partnerships to independent client work.

Jackie’s passion for art began at a young age, but by thinking deeply and experimenting with new mediums and techniques, their passion has evolved into a love for universal, human-centered design work. By creating meaningful visual designs, they feel they can work towards addressing real-world problems and make a difference.

Universal Accessibility Electoral Design

Whether trying to find a nearby polling place, or filtering through paid candidate advertisements, transparent and accessible resources are hard to come by. Current voting processes place an unequal burden on low literacy readers and those with disabilities. Studies indicate that residual voting rates (votes that remain unrecorded) are much higher in low-income and minority communities, as well as among elderly voters.

The Universal Accessibility Electoral Design project focuses on human-centered design, which places emphasis on completing in-depth research to conceptualize design solutions that address the needs of all individuals. To address these ongoing electoral issues, this project highlights necessary design improvements through a manual and newly designed ballots and additional voting materials. This project is intended to greatly decrease residual voting rates and provide voters with accessible voting options.

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Faculty Sponsors

Ryan Gibboney, Laura Feibush, and Patty Klug